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Up To Date Book Reference

  • Amazing People of Russia A Short eBookAmazing People of Russia – A Short eBook
    Charles Margerison

    Also, meet Vasili Mitrokhin and Ivan Pavlov. Their stories are monumental and brought to life in this fascinating title. Each story comes to life through BioViews®. These are short biographical narratives, similar to interviews.

  • Leaves from a Russian Diary and Thirty Years After Enlarged EditionLeaves from a Russian Diary—and Thirty Years After [Enlarged Edition]
    Pitirim A. Sorokin

    This is the enlarged edition published almost 30 years after the first 1924 publication and contains the additional section, “Thirty Years After,” in which the author describes how the Revolution that has since come of age has turned …

  • Reeling In RussiaReeling In Russia
    Fen Montaigne

    In the summer of 1996, award-winning journalist Fen Montaigne embarked on a hundred-day, seven-thousand-mile journey across Russia.

  • Sovjetistan En rejse gennem TadsjikistanSovjetistan – En rejse gennem Tadsjikistan
    Erika Fatland

    I Sovjetistan – En rejse gennem Tadsjikistan tager Erika Fatland læseren med på en rejse ind i en verden, der er ukendt for selv de mest garvede globetrottere.

  • La Russie et les RussesLa Russie et les Russes
    Victor Tissot, Ligaran,

    Extrait : "C'était à Léopol, capitale de la Galicie autrichienne, ville hospitalière et charmante qui venait de recevoir magnifiquement l'heureux monarque qui règne sur les plus jolies femmes de la terre : les Viennoises, les …

  • King of RussiaKing of Russia
    Dave King, Eric Duhatschek

    And introducing us to Evgeni Malkin, Magnitogorsk’s star and the NHL’s newest phenomenon. From the Hardcover edition.

  • Siberia al 120 Nel gelo della taigSiberia al 120%. Nel gelo della taigà
    Daniele Castiglioni

    Un’esperienza invernale nelle disabitate foreste del nord della Buryatiya permette di assimilare la reale essenza dell’inverno in Siberia.

  • The Companion Guide to St PetersburgThe Companion Guide to St Petersburg
    Kyril FitzLyon, Kyril Zinovieff, Jenny Hughes

    As a guide to the hidden city, reconstructed, imagined and remembered, as well as to St Petersburg today, this book is highly recommended.

  • The JourneyThe Journey
    Sergio Pitol

    The Journey, the second work in Pitol's remarkable "Trilogy of Memory" (which Deep Vellum is publishing in its entirety), which won him the prestigious Cervantes Prize in 2005 and inspired the newest generation of Spanish-language writers, …

  • St PetersburgSt. Petersburg
    Jeremy Howard

    A popular series of guidebooks for the modern-day traveler offering information on cities and countries around the world continues, presenting up-to-date backgrounds and descriptions, detailed maps, hundreds of photographs, and much more, …