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Up To Date Book Reference

  • Feminism and Pop CultureFeminism and Pop Culture
    Andi Zeisler

    Examines the reciprocal relationship shared between feminism and popular culture from the 1940s to the twenty-first century; and discusses representations of women on television and in films, music, advertisements, and other medias.

  • Dance of the SleepwalkersDance of the Sleepwalkers
    Frank M. Calabria

    Dance marathons were a phenomenally popular fad during the manic 1920s and depressive 1930s.

  • Sacred Vine of Spirits AyahuascaSacred Vine of Spirits: Ayahuasca
    Ralph Metzner, Ph.D.

    This book will be an inspiration for lay audiences and a treasure trove of information for scholars studying consciousneess and the human psyche.” –Stanislav Grof, M.D., author of LSD Psychotherapy, Psychology of the Future, and The …

  • Identity and PleasureIdentity and Pleasure
    Ariel Heryanto

    While in-depth analyses of identity and political contestation within the nation are the focus of the book, trans-national engagements and global dimensions are a significant part of the story in each chapter.

  • The Original Wild OnesThe Original Wild Ones
    Bill Hayes

    " "Read this captivating story and decide for yourself if the Boozefighters were really the outlaws depicted in "The Wild One""Born To Ride (September, 2005) "The original Boozefighters done it and they done it good.

  • Полая женщина: Мир Барби изнутри и снаружи
    Линор Горалик

    С первых дней своего существования Барби стала восприниматься как социокультурный феномен. В ее игрушечном мире нашли отражение …

  • The Copycat EffectThe Copycat Effect
    Loren Coleman

    This is The Copycat Effect — the phenomenon through which violent events spawn violence of the same type.

  • The Ideology of Religious StudiesThe Ideology of Religious Studies
    Timothy Fitzgerald

    In this book Fitzgerald sides with those who argue that the concept of religion itself should be abandoned.

  • Food Culture in ItalyFood Culture in Italy
    Fabio Parasecoli

    Looks at how Italians view food in everyday life, discussing cultural and social aspects as well as health issues.

  • Performing the Nation Swahili Music and Cultural Politics in Tanzania Volume 1Performing the Nation: Swahili Music and Cultural Politics in Tanzania, Volume 1
    Kelly Askew

    Focusing on the politics surrounding Swahili musical performance, Kelly Askew demonstrates the crucial role of popular culture in Tanzania's colonial and postcolonial history.