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O WANDERING MIND! (Rediscover yourself….Find your true-self…)

Pdf Book Free DownloadsO WANDERING MIND! (Rediscover yourself….Find your true-self…)

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Author: irister Sharma
Publisher: Birister Sharma
Category: Self-Help

O WANDERING MIND! Rediscover yourself . Find your true-self ..   If a man is going for a long journey, first of all, he must know his final destiny. If he doesn’t know, he will reach nowhere. He will wander hither and thither and lost somewhere. No matter how much and how long he tries to reach. He will lost again and again.   In the similar way our life is. We must know the final destiny of our life. There are three stages arrive in our life, first our childhood age, second our young age and third our old age. In every stage of our life we must know our duties and responsibilities. We must know what we’ve to do. We must know what we’re doing. We must know what is good for us. We must know what is right for us.  And the most important thing is in which direction we’re heading for. We must know our journey of life and its final destiny.   A man lost in his life when he doesn’t know himself, his life and his world.   ‘O WANDERING MIND!’ .is a well collection of poems that is trying to give the insight of man and his surroundings world. It helps you to rediscover yourself and to know your true-self. Highlight of the book: * This book gives you self-belief and confidence. * This book helps you to know your true-self. * This book helps you not to forget your true identity. * This book teaches you to live your life with dignity and pride. * This book teaches you to live with some purpose in your life. * This book helps you to learn from your life. * This book gives you the insight of real world. * This book guides you to live your life with mission. * This book bestows you the magic wane of happiness and prosperities in your life. * This book teaches you not to give up in the tough situations of your life.                                 
..*** .. Extract from the book:Life is full of mysteries, Sometimes it shows you green trees, Invites you with its delicious fruits, And sometimes it gets off with its bitter fluids. Life gives you full of surprises, Sometimes it gives you beautiful prizes. It shows you lovely images, And sometimes it shows you fake mirages. In life, both happiness and sorrow Come one after another in a row. Life is for a moment, Full of lament. When it says goodbye, When everything remains lie, When it stops its flow, You don't know. What will go to happen with you
Now, today and tomorrow, You don't know anything. But every moment you're heading towards its destiny, It's the reality.                                 ..*** ..Contents of book: 1. The Dark Night 2. O Young Blood! 3. Man forgets his life’s onus 4. The Wild Law 5. Awake! Arise! 6. Life is full of Mysteries 7. The true religion 8. Why we’re forgetting ourselves
9. O rain of peace! 10. We’ve to sail together 11. He always dwells in our heart 12. Serve the humanity 13. One man represents . God has given us one heart 15. We all are same 16. The Wild Fire 17. O Wandering Mind! 18. Who will rescue them
19. I merely watched 20. On your divine lap 21. Bestow me your holding hand 22. The tragedy of his birth
23. Everything merged with this soil 24. Till the end 25. Life is not a tragedy . Who creates problems
27. Unite all 28. Enrich your motherland 29. Man has to leave 30. Engulf with terror 31. In the mid-air 32. Frightened of birth 33. Forgive me! 34. The children 35. An evil eye 36. Choices are yours 37. Don’t kill it! 38. I could see my shore 39. Strong and weak 40. It discloses itself 41. Never the meaning of love  Motivate Yourself! A Youtube Motivational channel
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