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YOU TOO WIN! (Have courage in yourself….. Have faith in yourself…)

Pdf Book Free DownloadsYOU TOO WIN! (Have courage in yourself….. Have faith in yourself…)

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Author: irister Sharma
Publisher: Birister Sharma
Category: Self-Help

If you’ve strong will power, self-believe, courage, dedications, hard work, discipline, enthusiasm, hope and patience, then no force in the entire universe can stop you to win in your life. You can win anything in your life. Nothing is impossible for you. The word ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ turns into ‘I’M POSSIBLE’ for you. The goddess of success appears herself to bless you. ‘YOU TOO WIN’ is a book full of motivations, philosophies, wisdom, thoughts and morals that teach you all the virtues to win in your life. It will act as your true guide and friend in every walk of your life. It will make you realize what qualities you’ve stored within you. It will also show you the right way to succeed in your life.   ‘YOU TOO WIN’
Have courage in yourself .. Have faith in yourself .. Highlights of the book * This book teaches you how to win in your life. * This book gives you winning mantras for you. * This book bestows you winning strategies in your life. * This book guides you towards the journey of your success. * This book tells you the right way to get your success. * This book teaches you not to lose your heart even in the nick of failure. * This book inspires and motives you in every juncture of your life. * This book helps you to re-discover yourself. * This book contains with stories of great heroes and valiant.                                        
..*** ..  Extract from the book: Chapter-1 Why you born in this world
To become a weak
To lose everything
No, you’re not born to become a weak. No, you’re not born to lose everything. You’re born to achieve something in this world. Born to win is your birthright.You’re born to win.                                   You’re born to become strong.                             You’re born to achieve something great.                                 You’re born to become successful.                                       You’re born to be winner.                                                 
.*** . Content of book:
1.   Love yourself 2.   You’re born to win! 3.   Keep your aim high! 4.   Keep your dreams alive 5.   Work hard 6.   Keep your rays of hope alive 7.   Keep your patience alive 8.   Keep your will power strong 9.   Try again and again 10.  Be positive 11.  Be brave 12.  Encourage yourself 13.  Believe yourself .   Conquer yourself 15.  Judge yourself 16.  Weakness is within your mind 17.  Work with enthusiasm 18.  Never compare yourself with anybody 19.  Always maintain your discipline 20.  Beware from negative things 21.  Practice makes the man perfectMotivate Yourself! A Youtube Motivational channel [email protected] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxWJytLZQm95o0OwwSuBpdw  StudentViewPageOnline e-magazine for all to improve your personal growth, personal development and self-motivation.Visit @ https://studentviewpage.blogspot.com/

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