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  • A Compromised Generation

    A Compromised Generation
    Beth Lambert, Victoria Kobliner

    Examines the causes of chronic disease in American children, discussing such conditions as the overuse of prescription medicines, poor diet, misuse of vaccines, environmental toxins, and certain lifestyles as contributing factors.

  • Caring for the Mentally Handicapped Child

    Caring for the Mentally Handicapped Child
    David Wilkin

    First published in 1979, this book concerns itself primarily with the mothers of mentally handicapped children.

  • Theory in Health Promotion Research and Practice Thinking Outside the Box

    Theory in Health Promotion Research and Practice: Thinking Outside the Box
    Patricia Goodson

    Unlike other texts of its kind, Health Theory in Public Health Research and Practice: Thinking Outside the Box uses an applied approach from a theoretical angle.

  • Dharma Parenting

    Dharma Parenting
    Robert Keith Wallace, Fred Travis

    "Two renowned neuroscientists give parents a guided tour of their children's brains through contemporary science and ancient Ayurvedic typology (parents can "type" their kids and themselves), offering a wealth of methods and insights to …

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    Уроки з основ здоров’я 5 клас. Посібник для вчителя
    Людмила Репіленко

    У посібнику подано розробки уроків з основ здоров’я для учнів п’ятого класу, зміст яких відповідає чинній навчальній програмі …

  • Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby 8217 s First Year

    Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby’s First Year
    Mayo Clinic

    The companion book to Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, this is the second in a series of parenting guides by Mayo Clinic’s pediatric experts who, as active parents, can personally relate to the joys and challenges of parenthood.

  • Callous Disregard

    Callous Disregard
    Andrew J. Wakefield

    Callous Disregard is the account of how a doctor confronted first a disease and then the medical system that sought and still seeks to deny that disease, leaving millions of children to suffer and a world at risk.

  • Asphalt to Ecosystems

    Asphalt to Ecosystems
    Sharon Gamson Danks

    With this book, Danks broadens our notion of what a well-designed schoolyard should be, taking readers on a journey from traditional, ordinary grassy fields and asphalt, to explore the vibrant and growing movement to "green" school grounds …

  • Fast Food Kids

    Fast-Food Kids
    Amy L. Best

    The book provides a thorough account of the role that food plays in the lives of today's youth, teasing out the many contradictions of food as a cultural object, fast food portrayed as a necessity for the poor and yet, reviled by upper …

  • Un bisou sur ta peau sal e

    Un bisou sur ta peau salée
    Blandine Gautrin

    – Ouest France Un bisou sur ta peau salée nous invite à suivre le combat d’une maman qui doit apprendre à vivre dans un nouveau monde, médical, technique, en même temps qu’elle tente au mieux de construire sa relation mère-fille.

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