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  • Revelation of the Breath The

    Revelation of the Breath, The
    Sharon G. Mijares

    Celebrates and instructs in the healing power of breath.

  • La Solucion Para La Hipertension The High Blood Pressure Solution

    La Solucion Para La Hipertension/ The High Blood Pressure Solution
    Richard D. Moore

    Este libro contiene tambien un capitulo en el cual se explica como colaborar con el medico para que la reduccion de los medicamentos contra la hipertension se lleve a cabo de manera gradual y segura.Richard Moore, profesor de biofisica de …

  • The Quantum Mind and Healing

    The Quantum Mind and Healing
    Arnold Mindell

    Specifically, this is Dr. Arnold Mindell’s new model of medicine based on the mind-blowing findings of a host of quantum physicists–pioneers who are reconfiguring the landscape of our world and belief structure on an almost daily basis.

  • Magnet Therapy

    Magnet Therapy
    Ghanshyam Singh Birla, Colette Hemlin

    Complete with case studies and resource listings, Magnet Therapy is the comprehensive guide to one of the world's oldest–and newest–proven healing systems.

  • Cancer Talk

    Cancer Talk
    Selma R. Schimmel

    From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • On the Dark Side of the Moon

    On the Dark Side of the Moon
    Mike Medberry

    This story interweaves Medberry’s own struggle to speak, walk, and think with the struggle to protect this brutal, lava-bound, but for him gentle landscape.

  • A Body Out of Balance

    A Body Out of Balance
    Ruth Fremes, Nancy Carteron

    An overview of Sjèogren's Syndrome, a debilitating autoimmune and rheumatological disorder, provides a look at its symptoms, treatments, and coping techniques and offers advice on creating a personal treatment program.

  • Natural Therapies for Symptoms of Parkinson s Disease

    Natural Therapies for Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease
    Robert Rodgers, PhD

    Natural Therapies for Parkinsons Disease is one chapter which has been extracted from the comprehensive work on Parkinson's by Robert Rodgers, Ph.D. entitled Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease.

  • Out of the Woods

    Out of the Woods
    Katina I. Makris

    Recounts the author's battle with Lyme disease, including the initial misdiagnoses, the disease's toll on her family and career, and how she found spiritual, emotional, and physical enlightenment, along with an overview of the disease.

  • The Master Key

    The Master Key
    Robert Peng, Rafael Nasser

    It sounds like a modern-day fable, but the story is true. And with The Master Key, that grateful student, Robert Peng, invites all of us to enter the next chapter of this empowering path.

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