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  • The Caregiver s Toolbox

    The Caregiver’s Toolbox
    Carolyn P. Hartley, Peter Wong

    Millions of Americans are or will be amateur caregivers for ill spouses, parents, or friends.

  • Is It Safe

    Is It Safe?
    Sarah A. Vogel

    Is It Safe? narrates how the meaning of the safety of industrial chemicals has been historically produced by breakthroughs in environmental health research, which in turn trigger contests among trade associations, lawyers, politicians, and …

  • A Just Minimum of Health Care

    A Just Minimum of Health Care
    Kenneth F. T. Cust

    This book offers a comparative analysis of the Canadian and American health care systems, and it also explicates and criticizes both Norman Daniels' fair equality of opportunity argument for a right to health care and Allan Buchanon's …

  • Excel 2013 for Health Services Management Statistics

    Excel 2013 for Health Services Management Statistics
    Thomas J. Quirk, Simone Cummings

    This book shows how Microsoft Excel is able to teach health services management statistics effectively.

  • Population Health Management for Poly Chronic Conditions

    Population Health Management for Poly Chronic Conditions
    Thomas T.H. Wan

    This book is dedicated to population health management and how it can be used to improve the health care and outcomes for patients with poly chronic conditions.

  • Stir

    Jessica Fechtor

    A national bestseller and winner of a Living Now Book Award, Stir is an exquisite memoir about how food connects us to ourselves, our lives, and each other.

  • Regulating Pharmaceutical Prices in India

    Regulating Pharmaceutical Prices in India
    Ajay Bhaskarabhatla

    This book presents an extensive study on the effectiveness of recent regulations on pharmaceutical prices in India, exploring the weaknesses in the design and implementation of pharmaceutical price controls and investigating what can be …

  • Ethics in Medicine

    Ethics in Medicine
    Jennifer Jackson

    The book will be invaluable to upper-level students of sociology and health care, as well as those who are interested in the ethical uncertainties currently raced by the medical world"–Jacket.

  • God s Hotel

    God’s Hotel
    Victoria Sweet

    God’s Hotel tells their story and the story of the hospital itself, which, as efficiency experts, politicians, and architects descended, determined to turn it into a modern “health care facility,” revealed its own surprising truths …

  • Privileged Presence

    Privileged Presence
    Liz Crocker, Bev Johnson

    This updated second edition uses real-world experiences recounted by patients and their families, nurses, doctors, and other health care professionals to illustrate what works and what doesn't and what increases or diminishes people's sense …

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