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  • There s Much More Than a Smile

    There’s Much More Than a Smile
    Brent T. Clifford

    Are your teeth wearing away? Do you plan on wearing dentures when you get older? Are you happy about the appearence of you teeth? If any of these and other questions have been yours, then this is a book you need to read.

  • Things You Should Know about Teeth

    Things You Should Know about Teeth
    Benjamin Lee (B.D.S.), Benjamin Lee B. D. S.

    This book describes the 10 problems everyone has at the dentist and how they are solved.

  • Holistic Dental Care

    Holistic Dental Care
    Nadine Artemis

    A full-color comprehensive guide to natural, do-it-yourself oral care introduces simple, at-home dental procedures that anyone can do. Original.

  • The Naked Tooth

    The Naked Tooth
    Colleen Olitsky, Jason Olitsky

    They are shocked to hear that a dentist needs no training or experience in smile makeover procedures before claiming they do cosmetic dentistry. This is so misleading to the consumer and results in people unhappy with their new smiles.

  • Watch Your Mouth

    Watch Your Mouth
    Judy Diamond, Linda Allison, Rebecca Smith

    So open wide and discover, experiment, observe. Get friendly with your billions of secret micro pals. This book tells you how and why you will want to Watch Your Mouth! This book is for middle grade readers (ages 9-12) and educators.

  • Open Wide r

    Open Wide(r)
    Larry Rosenthal

    You are probably thinking that this is a book about dentistry.

  • A Patient s Guide to Dental Implants

    A Patient’s Guide to Dental Implants
    Edmond Bedrossian, Peter Wohrle

    Although the trend toward dental implants is growing rapidly, you, like many consumers, may not fully understand how they work. The doctors who wrote this book recognized the need for consumer information.

  • How Can I Know My Child s Dentition

    How Can I Know My Child’s Dentition?
    Giti Sarami

    This book briefly explains primary dentition, permanent dentition, their eruption period, their importance, and some very simple solutions to protect teeth from the early ages and to have healthy mouth and teeth.

  • The Plaque Pixie s Complete Guide To Dentistry For Children

    The Plaque Pixie’s Complete Guide To Dentistry For Children
    Richard Schmidt

    The Plaque Pixie's Complete Guide To Dentistry For Children is every new parents resource for their child's teeth.

  • Smile Beautifully

    Smile Beautifully!
    Kent D. Kohli

    Ultimately, after reading this book, you will experience greater personal satisfaction with your new smile and feel better about your personal appearance. Now, it's your turn to Smile Beautifully!

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