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  • Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Clinical Volume 11

    Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Clinical …, Volume 11
    Kenny Meirleir, Neil R. McGregor

    This groundbreaking book is must reading for anyone connected with the disease—personally or professionally.

  • This is Why Your Back Hurts

    This is Why Your Back Hurts
    Vaughan Dabbs

    Secret being-posture is everything. We in the western world lost that art, 3rd world countries still have good posture because it’s in their culture. This is why they have very little back pain and arthritis.

  • Arthritis Your Questions Answered

    Arthritis Your Questions Answered
    Alison Hammond, Andy Hamer, Caroline Green, David L. Scott, Dorothy Pattison, Howard Bird, Mike Hurley

    Providing practical guidance about the various self-helpmeasures, conventional medical options and complementary therapies, these jargon-free question-and-answer guides provide practical advice about coping with various forms of arthritis …

  • Fighting Arthritis Naturally

    Fighting Arthritis Naturally
    Emily Thacker

    It is because of your interest in preserving youth the natural way that I bring you this book, FIGHTING ARTHRITIS NATURALLY.

  • End Your Carpal Tunnel Pain Without Surgery

    End Your Carpal Tunnel Pain Without Surgery
    Katé Montgomery

    This book and the Montgomery Method(TM) will show you how to: – Self-assess your symptoms – Improve your grip strength – Relieve muscle tension in the upper body – Increase your flexibility and mobility – Take control of your health now!

  • Too Young to Feel Old

    Too Young to Feel Old
    Richard Blau, E. A. Tremblay

    A comprehensive review of the common arthritides with practical information, specifically regarding complimentary treatments.

  • Manage Your Pain

    Manage Your Pain
    Michael Nicholas, Allan Molloy, Lois Tonkin, Lee Beeston

    Annotation Sufferers of chronic pain learn how to adapt their lives and negotiate their discomfort with the techniques illustrated in this book.

  • Thriving with Chronic Pain

    Thriving with Chronic Pain
    Sean Meshorer

    This book shows you how you can flourish despite your pain, even when medical cures aren’t available or come at too high of a cost.

  • FrameWork

    Nicholas A. DiNubile, William Patrick

    An orthopedic surgeon introduces a complete guide to fitness that prevents bone and joint problems, furnishing a detailed self-test designed to uncover potential problems, as well as a comprehensive program that combines diet and lifestyle …

  • Key Topics in Chronic Pain Second Edition

    Key Topics in Chronic Pain, Second Edition
    Kate M. Grady, Andrew M. Severn, Paul R. Eldridge

    Key Topics in Chronic Pain is designed to help the professional understand the working of the chronic pain clinic, its patients and its treatments.

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