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  • Automated Transit

    Automated Transit
    Rongfang Liu

    A comprehensive discussion of automated transit This book analyzes the successful implementations of automated transit in various international locations, such as Paris, Toronto, London, and Kuala Lumpur, and investigates the apparent lack …

  • Portland s Streetcar Lines

    Portland’s Streetcar Lines
    Richard Thompson

    In 1927, the local street railway system entered a period of slow decline that ended in 1950, when Portland's last city streetcars gave way to buses. This is the history of those classic lines.

  • Sacramento s Streetcars

    Sacramento’s Streetcars
    William Burg

    Sacramentans rode the cars to work, to school, to the state fair, and just about anywhere they wanted to go until the streetcars were replaced by buses owned by National City Lines.

  • The Pedestrian and the City

    The Pedestrian and the City
    Carmen Hass-Klau

    The book includes pedestrian-friendly policies and guidelines from a number of European countries and includes case studies from the UK, Germany, Britain, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, the US and Canada, with further …

  • Urban Mass Transit

    Urban Mass Transit
    Robert C. Post

    Relates how the technology of urban mass transit and society interact.

  • An Introduction to Sustainable Transportation

    An Introduction to Sustainable Transportation
    Preston L Schiller, Jeffrey Kenworthy

    The second edition builds and expands upon the highly acclaimed first edition, with new chapters on urban design and urban, regional and intercity public transportation, as well as expanded chapters on automobile dependence and equity …

  • Belfast Trolleybuses

    Belfast Trolleybuses
    David Harvey

    The history of Belfast's trolleybus system told through a fascinating collection of photographs.

  • Directory of the Railway Companies of Great Britain

    Directory of the Railway Companies of Great Britain
    Donald J. Grant

    The Directory of British Railway Companies of Great Britain is a record of all the companies who sought to build a railway in Great Britain, both successful and unsuccessful.

  • Fife Buses

    Fife Buses
    Walter Burt

    The History of Fife buses from 1960 to the early 1990s.

  • The New Transit Town

    The New Transit Town
    Hank Dittmar, Gloria Ohland

    New Transit Town brings together leading experts in planning, transportation, and sustainable design—including Scott Bernstein, Peter Calthorpe, Jim Daisa, Sharon Feigon, Ellen Greenberg, David Hoyt, Dennis Leach, and Shelley Poticha—to …

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