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  • Uncle Sam s Locomotives

    Uncle Sam’s Locomotives
    Eugene L. Huddleston

    Uncle Sam's Locomotives looks at these magnificent locomotives and discusses how and why the designs were chosen, how they related to existing designs, what standardization entailed, and how each performed.".

  • 1042 1072 1075 1086 1085 1099

    Л.А. Шадур

    Учебник для вузов ж.д. трансп. В книге рассматриваются устройство, выбор технико-экономических параметров и габаритных размеров, а …

  • Railroads in the Heartland

    Railroads in the Heartland
    H. Roger Grant

    These features are often reflected in the images in this heavily illustrated book, which depicts the spare but strong pioneering spirit of the enterprise.

  • The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in West Virginia

    The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in West Virginia
    Bob Withers

    This book takes a close look at the line's locomotives, passenger and freight trains, structures, and, most importantly, its people who endeared their company to generations of travelers, shippers, and small Appalachian communities.

  • The Twilight of Southern Steam

    The Twilight of Southern Steam
    Don Benn

    This book is first and foremost the story of the enginemen and their steeds which brought the steam era to an end on the Southern.

  • The Most Valuable Asset of the Reich A History Volume 2 Volumes 1933 1945

    The Most Valuable Asset of the Reich: A History …, Volume 2; Volumes 1933-1945
    Alfred C. Mierzejewski

    In this, the second volume of his comprehensive history of the Reichsbahn, Alfred Mierzejewski offers the first complete account of the national railway under Hitler's regime.

  • Pacific Electric Red Cars

    Pacific Electric Red Cars
    Jim Walker

    Of the rail lines created at the turn of the 20th century, in order to build interurban links through Southern California communities around metropolitan Los Angeles, the Pacific Electric grew to be the most prominent of all.

  • History of the J G Brill Company

    History of the J.G. Brill Company
    Debra Brill

    A fascinating variety of open, closed, convertible, and semi-convertible cars, propelled by horse, steam, cable, and electricity, parade through the pages of this book.

  • All Aboard

    All Aboard
    Jim Loomis

    This new, fourth edition includes a new chapter about eight major railway stations, and is updated throughout with new information and photographs.

  • Classic Locomotives

    Classic Locomotives
    Brian Solomon

    "The collection of three previously published volumes presents the history of locomotives from early steam power through today's massive diesel-electric models.

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